GLOBALGIT Srl is a company that offers specialized consultancy services in relation to all types of customs activities and full support for those dealing with logistics and the distribution of good all over the world.  

Our team consists of qualified brokerage professionals who have more than twenty years knowledge and skills in this field.

The GIT code ( or rather ITGIT ) stands for the port of Gioia Tauro which is one of the most important commercial and industrial ports in the Mediterranean and in Europe; Our headquarters are located a few hundred meters from the commercial docks. This enables us to offer our clients full support for all their needs and take care of any unexpected circumstances being so close to all the authorities.


RELIABILITY - one of our prime goals is to ensure prompt action and full commitment to our clients in order to solve any type of problem in the best manner. We are fully EDI capable and linked with government agencies. Using innovative software applications tailored for the management of our operations makes our processes and data management much more efficient and secure.

PROTECTION - another prime goal is to protect our clients guaranteeing appropriate insurance policies to cover risks related to our professional activities (errors, omissions); thus, any losses and or damages of good for operations entrusted to us are covered by a specific insurance policy which is in addition to that of the carriers we use.

EFFECTIVENESS - price competition is unavoidable from commercial strategies in a competitive market such as ours, but to ensure positive results even in the most complex situations you need to be careful in choosing your consultants, because the costs you meet may exceed what you had expected to save. For this reason, those who choose us know that they can rely on skilled professionals and experts, who can work side by side to easily overcome any problem related to the complex and changing world of customs formalities and thus have the best solutions to achieve long term goals at the best price.


GLOBALGIT SRL is an Authorized Economic Operator AEO for customs operations and is also certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


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