GLOBALGIT Srl offers a wide range of services in relation to customs procedures for the movement of cargo worldwide. We are specialized in the following services:

  • Customs operations for cargo in export, import and transit
  • Intraeuropean operations
  • Bonded warehouse and tax warehouse
  • Temporary admission
  • Re-entry tax free customs admission
  • Import of personal effects
  • Issuance of EUR. 1 and ATR certificates
  • Sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary certification
  • Issuance of radiometric certificates and surveillance import documents
  • Deferred accounts of duties for importers
  • Issuance Carnet TIR and A.T.A.
  • Management of Intrastat declaration


GLOBALGIT Srl  is  also  specialized  in the field of air,  sea and land  transportation with the primary aim of providing quality services at the best costs for their clients.

  • Maritime freight rates
  • Air shipments
  • Container transport
  • Conventional load services
  • Temperature controlled trasnportation
  • ADR road transport and Hazardous cargo (IMO) 
  • Oversized cargo transport
  • Groupage collections



Our  team of  specialists  are able to provide assistance on every aspect of customs law and procedure. Our specialists are also able to support customers with assistance directly in their offices if required.
  • We  provide  Consultancy   services  for   accreditation  of  AEO (Authorized Economic Operators) certificate.
  • Assistance for obtaining the status of Authorized Exporter
  • Our team of experts can assist you with customs tariffs and classifications of cargoes
  • Consultancy services for the determining the origin of the goods
  • Consulting for BTI (Binding Tariff Information)
  • Consulting for BOI (Binding Origin Information)  
  • Assistance for triangular shipments
  • Assistance in invoicing the operations for foreign shipments

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